Monday, February 25, 2013


Hello, this is the beginning of my adventure.

So I originally asked my GF if I could start taking Helicopter Pilots lessons, and of course the cost is very high, so I got the expected no. That was that, until I saw a video on RC First Person Videos or FPV for a quadcopter, and I was hooked. I told the GF I wanted to make one, and it would get me out of the house, plus we could goto the park together and have picnics. Lastly, Its hella cheaper than lessons. She said yes! I didn't need an invitation, so I ordered everything immediately, I already had been designing one in my head for a few weeks prior.

Quadcopters in general are awesome, there is alot that goes into design, but having fun is the biggest part. If you are going to build one, I recommend designing and sketching out everything, either in google Sketchup or meatspace. After that, you can price it all out, buy your parts, and start building. I have a few links at the bottom if you want to know more.

So my project breaks down into a few parts

1. Design
2. Part order
3. Assembly
4. Tweak, Program, Modify
5. Fly!

My resources, if you want to know more.

Great Calc, helped me design everything to make sure it would work together

I read through all 5 articles on EPS

A few videos

Original Inspiration

Dino shows you how its done.

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