Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2. Part Order

Ordering your parts is pretty easy, just find a website that is carrying the components you need and place an order, make sure the site is reputable and wait. I ordered all my parts from hobby king. I would order anything I cant find at the local RC supply shop. Dont be surprised by the condition your package arrives in, it came across the earth for you, it will not be great shape, would you be? A few things to know;

It will take a long time.
If you think you could use it, then order it.
If you think someone else could use it, then order it!
Order twice as many as you know you need and half as many as you would like.
Look at what is most popular, you will find a few items are invaluable.
Order extra props, they will break, you will need extras.
Measure twice and cut once, so you don't have to order 16 times.

Once all of you parts arrive, take a detailed inventory of everything to make sure it arrived, then check it again to make sure it arrived complete and undamaged. I would visually build everything in my head before I started work on it. I would also do the 5 yr. old child check, and see if there was an easier way to do something by telling my plans to my sister. A few other things, safety is very important, you only have two eyes, so protect them both. Don't cut through battery wires 2 at a time. It is very bad. Dremels are awesome tools to help with small quick work.

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